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Hi, my name is Marijn and I have been creating websites since I was seven years old. Eversince I have made a lot of websites for companies, foundations etc. I am skilled with HTML5, CSS4/3, JavaScript and I am currently working on PHP and Java Android Development. For these abilities I've done several courses and I continue to improve my skills. I am also experienced with WordPress development, IT security, design and photography.
Creating responsive websites and giving advise about different possibilities is my specialty.

My goal is to build a website that seamlessly fits the identity of the client.






Building websites is fun and it's very important to have one these days.
The identity and branding of the client is really important to me. That's why I'm also offering other marketing services.

A quick look at some of my work below:



Nowadays having a website is a must for both personal and business usage. My focus is to make your brand stand out from others, so you will be noticed on the web. I manage this by building a great user experience. The options in the design of the website are almost unlimited in which I could advise by offering various examples.


Are you planning on selling goods online? I could build a webshop for you.
For example: I set up a ticket order system for "Songs of Freedom" (a music festival in the Netherlands), the Netherlands. They asked me to create a webshop with "IDeal" (Dutch payment system) integration. Tickets were automatically generated and all data was easily exportable to Excel.
Also I'm the developer behind the Faunwatch webshop.

Songs of Freedom
Poster app and more


Next to websites I'm also designing logos, illustrations, posters, business cards and more. I offer these services to deliver a complete package to the client with everything in the same style.

Some awesome organisations I worked for:

VO-Buro De Bakkerij Feestbeestje Entertainment Bloony Pool Denkt Mee Faunawatch Cuculum Red De Aarde Stichting SCHEP Songs Of Freedom Ellen Bakker Coaching Vrouwennetwerk Leiden Blauwe Hope Michiel Pool High-end Kitchen Design Bureau de Kort - Vera de Kort

Hosting from €25,-

A website requires online storage to make it visible to everyone on the web. For my clients I offer 2 GB for €25,- per year (which is enough for most standard websites). It includes unlimited bandwith, free SSL certificates and backup.

It is also possible to order a domain name. A domain name is the url which leads to your website (
Prices differ per extention (.nl / .com etc) A .nl domain is €5,- and .com is €15,- per year.


Please feel free to get in touch with me for an exploratory conversation.
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Nowadays most traffic to your website will be from mobile devices, that's why all my websites are responsive.
Beside the building process I also offer Search Engine Optimalisation (SEO). I can ensure that your website will be easy to find at search engines like Google. Futhermore I can use analytics and create effective ads to reach new customers.

Also I'm experienced with other services like creating new possiblities by coding, or setting up a webshop as listed below.



Faunawatch is a young animal welfare organisation/ For Faunawatch I work together with some other developers in order to create an website for these young activists who are trying to make the world a better place.

Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom is a music festival based in Leiden the Netherlands. The event is the celebration of the the abolition of slavery, 'Keti Koti'.

For Songs of Freedom I made a website where people could sign up and pay for joining a project choir. Beside that all the information about the event such as the program, location and artists can be found on the website.

Also I did a design work for this event which can be found here.

Bureau de Kort

Bureau de Kort


Some of the design work listed below.

Songs of Freedom

Songs of Freedom Songs of Freedom Songs of Freedom

On the 1st of July 2017 was an exuberant celebration of the abolition of slavery in Leiden. This was the first edition of the event Songs of Freedom. I did the whole branding for this event, from huge banners to the website with ticketshop for the choir members. I used the colors red and white which stands for Leiden. The illustration of the singer is also made by me.

Songs of Freedom Songs of Freedom


Leiden was covered with posters of the event. On the event itself, there where three huge and three roll up banners located.
Also there is a Facebook event and page created which shares a lot of updates about the event. A total of 130 likes was achieved for the first year.

Barber 'n Barista

Barber n Barista
Barber n Barista

Barber 'n Barista is a brand I created to experiment with designing.

The brand

Barber and barista is a local store with of course a barber and an coffee expert. In the store is a barber and a cafe which serves te best Italian coffee. The store didn't have a logo and my challege, which I gave myself was to test my designing skills by making a logo that's shows both services and is good regonisable and is suitable above the door.

Barber n Barista Barber n Barista

Ellen Bakker Coaching

Ellen Bakker Coaching

Ellen Bakker Coaching

Ellen Bakker, certified Law of attraction Life coach, master in Child Psychology and French, teacher, mentor, years of experience in top sport (while having diabetes since the age of seven), both as a member of the Dutch national table tennis team and as trainer/coach of teams taking part in the highest division.

For Ellen Bakker, I created a logo on her preferences, with torch and an circle, which fits to her slogun "From inner peace to outer goals". As always I made a few versions and choosed parts she liked.

Ellen Bakker Coaching Ellen Bakker Coaching Ellen Bakker Coaching